#138 - Safe Crackers

On this episode we dig into the great (and most ridiculous) bank heists in history! From the big crew that plans for months to the guy that walks out with the cash, we've got some of the strangest stories you've never heard. Plus, we share some interesting statistics and debate whether the Ocean's Eleven crew should have gotten away with the crime.

#137 - Super Bowl 53: Super Bored

On this episode we recap everything from this year's Super Bowl including the punts, the commercials, the forgettable halftime show and more! Plus we reveal the winner of our fourth annual Prop Bets Challenge.

#136 - Super Bowl Prop Bets IV

It's time for our fourth annual Super Bowl prop bets spectacular! We preview this year's big game and make our picks on a number of wagers including the coin toss, halftime show songs and who will ultimately win the biggest prize in sports.

#135 - Landmarks: A Monumental Winner

It's the second half of our two part bracket challenge, as we narrow down our elite 8 US landmarks into single winner! Which is better to visit as a tourist? Which is a bigger technological marvel? Which would win in a fight where they had been converted to giant robot mechs? We sort of answer those questions and more in this ultimate search for the greatest landmark.

#134 - Landmarks: Coast-to-Coast

In the first of our two part bracket challenge, we pit sixteen of America's most iconic landmarks, monuments, statues, engineering marvels, and memorable spots against each other in a series of head-to-head battles. Which eight will advance to the next round? Tune in to this bonus-sized episode to find out!