#84 - Summer Vacation!

Just before Matt jets off to world's unknown, we discuss everything to do with vacationing!  Should vacations be busy or relaxing? What's the best way to make your flight less miserable?  Should you eat fermented shark? (No.)

#83 - Eating Your Way to Victory

This week's episode is all about competitive eating!  We cover the rules, the records, the controversies and if we'd ever be up for the challenge.

#82 - Walking on Sunshine

On this episode we continue our discussion of Summer including sunscreen, summer songs, swimming pools versus the ocean, plus the sounds and smells of the great time of year.

#81 - Everything Under the Sun

Summertime is here, and we can't help but get excited for it!  On this episode we discuss party etiquette, porches versus verandas, ice cream treats and so much more.

#80 - May the Fourth Be With You

On this Star Wars themed episode of Up For Debate, we celebrate all things new with the great film franchise including Force Awakens, Rogue One, the new Star Wars Land at Disney World, The Clone Wars series and so much more!