#91 - Pet Sounds

On this episode we discuss everyone's best friend: your pets! Can we settle the never ending debate of cats versus dogs? Is a horse too big to own as a pet? Can you train your pet wolf to attack your enemies? Answers to those questions and more on this Up For Debate!

#90 - 2017 Summer Movie League Winner & Recap

On this special episode, we announce the winner of the 2017 Up For Debate Summer Movie League and recap a season's worth of action. Then we tease the big changes coming to the upcoming Winter Movie League.

#89 - This or That: Round 3

It's the return of one of our all time classic segments: This or That. We try to answer life's most vexing either/or questions such as: cake or pie? beers or beards? doing the dishes or cooking the meal?

#88 - We Read "Ready Player One"

On this episode, we read the first selection in the Up For Debate Book Club: Ernest Cline's geek opus "Ready Player One".

#87 - Our Favorite Comedies

On this episode, we watch each other's favorite comedy films.  Matt chooses "The Goonies", and Shaun chooses "Airplane!".  Is "The Goonies" just a classier "Home Alone"?  Does Joey like movies about gladiators?  Surely you won't miss this episode!