#135 - Landmarks: A Monumental Winner

It's the second half of our two part bracket challenge, as we narrow down our elite 8 US landmarks into single winner! Which is better to visit as a tourist? Which is a bigger technological marvel? Which would win in a fight where they had been converted to giant robot mechs? We sort of answer those questions and more in this ultimate search for the greatest landmark.

#134 - Landmarks: Coast-to-Coast

In the first of our two part bracket challenge, we pit sixteen of America's most iconic landmarks, monuments, statues, engineering marvels, and memorable spots against each other in a series of head-to-head battles. Which eight will advance to the next round? Tune in to this bonus-sized episode to find out!

#133 - Christmas Cheer

On this episode we discuss the #1 holiday to occur on December 25th: Christmas! Is decorating the outside of your house tacky? Is it okay to lie to your kids about Santa? And we have an eggnog taste test with a shocking ending!

#132 - The X Stands for Nothing: The Unbelievably True Story of the XFL: Chapter 6

In this sixth and final installment of our XFL deep dive, we explain what finally killed this fledgling league (hint: it involves a certain vampire slayer). Then we discuss the recent developments of XFL 2020 and the AAF. Can an alternative football league ever work? What would it take to get America's attention against the powerhouse of the NFL?