Bonus #7 - The Lost Tapes

On this special bonus episode, we dig into the Coffee & Beer vault to compile some never before heard clips from the Lost Tapes.

#118 - Back After These Messages

On this episode we hear a word from a few sponsors as we share some of our favorite and most memorable TV commercials. From "Time to Make the Donuts" and "Mr. Bucket", to Sylvester Stallone's taste for Japanese sausages and the confusing nature of "Just Pants".

#117 - The Great Outdoors

Grab your hiking boots and fishing poles because we're heading outside for this episode on all of the great activities that take place in nature. Plus Matt presents a Would You Rather? that will keep you guessing...out of confusion.

#116 - We Read "The Last Wish"

On this installment of our book club we read the global fantasy phenomenon that spawned a video game franchise: "The Last Wish", the first book in The Witcher series.

#115 - This or That: Round 5

On this episode we return to one of our all-time favorite segments "This or That", the game of either/or questions!  We dare to ask: Day or night? Grilled food or fried foods? Who would make a better roommate: Batman or Superman?  Which language should you learn: Spanish or French?  We answer all of those questions and more on this Up For Debate!