#153 - This or That 6: Shaun's Asks

For this Rapid Fire July, we're bringing back one of our most beloved segments: This or That! This week Shaun is asking the tough questions like: is brawling in sports acceptable in 2019? Which is the better non-contiguous US state: Alaska or Hawaii? And which is better: card games or board games?

#152 - Facts: Shaken, Not Stirred

On this balmy July episode we bring back James Bond one more time for a trivia and fact-filled breakdown of our favorite spy franchise. Plus, we play our new favorite game: Real or Fake Bond Girl?

#151 - The Game of Kings

On this week's episode we go (kind of) deep on everyone's favorite put-the-ball-in-the-hole game: golf! We talk clubs, caddies, history, putt-putt and more as we kick off a thrilling Rapid Fire July!

#150 - Lawn Games

On this summertime episode, we dive deep into everyone's favorite yard games! From cornhole and ladder toss, to kubb and giant Janga, we look at what games to play and which to avoid (we're looking at you lawn darts!).

#149 - The Summer Reading List

In a first of its kind episode, we share a wonderful collection of our favorite books to help kick off your summer right! From insightful non-fiction to thrilling fiction, we've got 8 great reads that run the spectrum for tastes of all types.