#161 - The Newlywed Game

On this week's episode we are joined by 2.5 recently married couples to test their knowledge of each other in a classic Newlywed Game!

#160 - 2019 Winter Movie Draft

We've got six teams, thirty movies and sixty minutes to draft them all. Who will rein supreme as we tally the box office receipts? Who will crumble under the pressure like the popcorn stuck to the theater floor? Join us for another edition of our Movie League!

#159 - The Great Debate Bake Off

On this episode we share the results of our macaroon bake-off. Then we break down the 30 movies that will be featured in next week's Winter Movie Draft.

#158 - Baking New Ground

This week we are diving deep into the hot oven for an episode all about baking! We discuss all kinds of baked goods, baking techniques and issue our first ever baking challenge.

#157 - Choose Your Own Adventure

On this first-of-its-kind episode, we write our own Choose Your Own Adventure story. "Flapjack's Flashbacks: Mind the Gap" is a unique tale told one decision at a time.