#81 - Everything Under the Sun

Summertime is here, and we can't help but get excited for it!  On this episode we discuss party etiquette, porches versus verandas, ice cream treats and so much more.

#80 - May the Fourth Be With You

On this Star Wars themed episode of Up For Debate, we celebrate all things new with the great film franchise including Force Awakens, Rogue One, the new Star Wars Land at Disney World, The Clone Wars series and so much more!

#79 - Magazine Subscriptions

On this episode we discuss the relevance and popularity of magazines, our favorite subscriptions and why that monthly bundle of joy in your mailbox is worth the cover price.  Plus, we get sidetracked talking about the misleading title of "Swimsuit Issue" and whether it's possible to spread whipped cream.

#78 - Kitchen Gadgetry: The Sequel

On this Up For Debate, we're revisiting our discussion on kitchen gadgetry including the magic of Pyrex, banana hangers, industrial-strength orange juicers, fancy pepper grinders, knife accidents and much more!

Bonus #3 - 2017 Summer Movie Draft Recap & Analysis

On this bonus episode of Up For Debate, we recap the action from our 2017 Summer Movie Draft, analyze the box office potential of the biggest (and smallest) movies, and make our picks on who will win the league this year.