Bonus #6 - Previewing the 2018 Summer Movie League

On this bonus episode of Up For Debate, we preview the upcoming 2018 Summer Movie League by taking you through the 30 films our players will be drafting. Which will be box office gold? Which will be box office bombs? Listen to this episode for the scoop, and join us next week for the official draft episode!

#110 - We Watched "Ready Player One"

We've read the somewhat crappy we watched the slightly less crappy movie!  Join us as we recap and review everything from the visually interesting but artistically corrupt film "Ready Player One".

#109 - Dinner Dynasty: A Champion Crowned

On the exciting conclusion of our soup or salad dinner debate, we finally crown a winner. Using the fan vote, we determine the ultimate soup or salad choice: minestrone or Caesar. Then we spend the rest of the episode talking about the limits of restaurant unlimited promotions, the cola wars and what's coming up in the next few weeks on the show.

#108 - Dinner Dynasty: Salads Bracket

On the second part of our Dinner Dynasty challenge, we conclude the cliffhanger from last week by picking a winning soup. Then we take 8 salads and have them compete against each other in a bracket format to decide a winner, which will ultimately move on to face the soups winner to answer the age old question: soup or salad?

#107 - Dinner Dynasty: Soups Bracket

Over the next two episodes we try to answer the question that's been plaguing diners for the last century: soup or salad? On this episode we pit 8 of the best soups against each other bracket-style to determine a winner that will face off against the salad winner in our next episode.