#97 - Gift Wrapped

On this episode we give the gift...of giving gifts!  We discuss the best gifts to give, the worst gifts we've ever received and some pro tips on the best gifts for the toughest people on your list.  'Tis the season...for Up For Debate!

#96 - The Winds of Winter

On this episode we conclude our four part investigative series into the seasons by talking about all things winter. Peppermint & gingerbread, hot cocoa and eggnog, snowshoeing and sledding, plus so much more!

#95 - We Read "Console Wars"

On this episode, we read the book "Console Wars" for our Up For Debate Book Club, which tells the story of Nintendo and Sega's battle for dominance in the early 90s. We dive deep on why Sega succeeded, how Nintendo responded and why Sega ultimately failed.

#92 - 2017 Winter Movie Draft

On this action packed episode of Up For Debate, it's the kickoff of the 2017 Winter Movie League! We have 5 teams of 2 players, each competing to draft the best slate of films. The team with the highest domestic box office total will take home the grand prize. Which films will our teams select?

#94 - Cheers for Fears: Part Boo

It's part two of our Sweet 16 bracket of the best fears! We narrow down our Elite 8 to a Final 4 and ultimately crown a champion. Heights or clowns? Holes or money? Find out our winner on this episode of Up For Debate!