#157 - Choose Your Own Adventure

On this first-of-its-kind episode, we write our own Choose Your Own Adventure story. "Flapjack's Flashbacks: Mind the Gap" is a unique tale told one decision at a time.

#156 - Summer Book Club: The Wind Up Bird Chronicle

Don't let the title fool you! While we do spend plenty of time talking about Japanese author Haruki Murakami's groundbreaking work, we begin the episode with an in-depth analysis of all 8 XFL team names and logos. Plus we share our thoughts on the recently revealed title for the upcoming James Bond film.

#155 - Summer Book Club: One Summer, America 1927

Following up on our summer book club episode, we read one of our selections: Bill Bryson's "One Summer, America 1927". From Lindbergh and the Babe to Al Capone and the talking pictures, we discuss how Bryson's approach makes us see this time period in a whole new light.

#154 - This or That 6: Matt's Asks

To end Rapid Fire July, we have the second half of one of our most beloved segments: This or That! This week Matt is asking the tough questions like: are sports better on TV or the radio? Would you rather be a pastry chef or a "regular chef"? (Matt's words...) And of course, microwave or toaster oven?

#153 - This or That 6: Shaun's Asks

For this Rapid Fire July, we're bringing back one of our most beloved segments: This or That! This week Shaun is asking the tough questions like: is brawling in sports acceptable in 2019? Which is the better non-contiguous US state: Alaska or Hawaii? And which is better: card games or board games?