#121 - Marketing Stunts: Stunts Gone Wrong

On this first part of a two part series, we discuss every brand's big opportunity: the viral marketing stunt. This time it's all about those that didn't go as planned. Should you release 1.5 million balloons over Cleveland? Should you offer everyone in America a free can of soda? Should you fake harass a stranger to market your car? Next time: we cover the memorable ones that went as planned...or better!

#120 - Trivia Smackdown 2: The Smack is Back

It's finally time for the return of a semi-popular segment: a general knowledge trivia face off!  This time Matt will look for redemption as he faces off against newcomer Colin in a winner-takes-all cage match of intellect.  Who will rein supreme?

#119 - Chum in the Waters

On this episode we begin by debating the best muffin flavors.  Then we get into the real meat of the episode: sharks.  We bust some shark myths, share some neat shark facts, and try to find out which shark is the coolest.

Bonus #7 - The Lost Tapes

On this special bonus episode, we dig into the Coffee & Beer vault to compile some never before heard clips from the Lost Tapes.

#118 - Back After These Messages

On this episode we hear a word from a few sponsors as we share some of our favorite and most memorable TV commercials. From "Time to Make the Donuts" and "Mr. Bucket", to Sylvester Stallone's taste for Japanese sausages and the confusing nature of "Just Pants".