#124 - 2018 Winter Movie Draft

Our Movie League is back! On this episode we wrap up and announce the winner of the 2018 Summer League, then bring in six new teams to draft 30 movies that will make up their slate. The team with the highest domestic box office total will walk away with the most coveted prize in podcasting. It's the textbook definition of a can't miss episode!

#123 - Currency Exchanged

On this episode we jump into circulation and discuss currencies from around the world! From giant stones to tasty spices, we cover the most unique and unusual ways people have gotten paid. Plus we get distracted (shocker!) and share some US president trivia and ask ourselves: what exactly is a "Pokemon"?

#122 - Marketing Stunts: Mission Accomplished

It's part 2 of our discussion on marketing stunts! This time we're sharing the one's that worked well. Can a fast food restaurant buy a national landmark? Can a pizza chain admit their food is bad? Whatever happened to Sinbad? (That last one is kind of unrelated)

#121 - Marketing Stunts: Stunts Gone Wrong

On this first part of a two part series, we discuss every brand's big opportunity: the viral marketing stunt. This time it's all about those that didn't go as planned. Should you release 1.5 million balloons over Cleveland? Should you offer everyone in America a free can of soda? Should you fake harass a stranger to market your car? Next time: we cover the memorable ones that went as planned...or better!

#120 - Trivia Smackdown 2: The Smack is Back

It's finally time for the return of a semi-popular segment: a general knowledge trivia face off!  This time Matt will look for redemption as he faces off against newcomer Colin in a winner-takes-all cage match of intellect.  Who will rein supreme?