#107 - Dinner Dynasty: Soups Bracket

Over the next two episodes we try to answer the question that's been plaguing diners for the last century: soup or salad? On this episode we pit 8 of the best soups against each other bracket-style to determine a winner that will face off against the salad winner in our next episode.

#106 - We Read "Devil in the White City"

On this installment of our Book Club, we read Erik Larson's "Devil in the White City", which combines America's favorite things: massive scale architectural projects and disturbed mass murderers!

#105 - The Sports of Snow and Ice

On this episode we discuss the games of the Winter Olympics.  What exactly is curling?  Why don't we understand the finer points of figure skating?  Which Olympic sport could be the next to go mainstream?
That plus we jump a bit into the 2020 Summer Games and whether baseball belongs in the competition.

#104 - We Read "Of Dice and Men"

On the latest installment of our Book Club, we read the Dungeon's and Dragon's themed book "Of Dice and Men". Warning: we really did not like the book.

Bonus #5 - An Update on the Winter Movie League

On this bonus episode, Shaun walks you through the current standings of the Winter Movie League and offers some analysis on how the teams got here and how this season may end.