#122 - Marketing Stunts: Mission Accomplished

It's part 2 of our discussion on marketing stunts! This time we're sharing the one's that worked well. Can a fast food restaurant buy a national landmark? Can a pizza chain admit their food is bad? Whatever happened to Sinbad? (That last one is kind of unrelated)

#121 - Marketing Stunts: Stunts Gone Wrong

On this first part of a two part series, we discuss every brand's big opportunity: the viral marketing stunt. This time it's all about those that didn't go as planned. Should you release 1.5 million balloons over Cleveland? Should you offer everyone in America a free can of soda? Should you fake harass a stranger to market your car? Next time: we cover the memorable ones that went as planned...or better!

#120 - Trivia Smackdown 2: The Smack is Back

It's finally time for the return of a semi-popular segment: a general knowledge trivia face off!  This time Matt will look for redemption as he faces off against newcomer Colin in a winner-takes-all cage match of intellect.  Who will rein supreme?

#119 - Chum in the Waters

On this episode we begin by debating the best muffin flavors.  Then we get into the real meat of the episode: sharks.  We bust some shark myths, share some neat shark facts, and try to find out which shark is the coolest.

Bonus #7 - The Lost Tapes

On this special bonus episode, we dig into the Coffee & Beer vault to compile some never before heard clips from the Lost Tapes.