#76 - Kitchen Gadgetry

On this episode we discuss the best and worst of what's sitting on your kitchen counter-tops and what lives in those kitchen cabinets.  From electric woks and coffee makers to slow cookers and dutch ovens, we decide which are must haves and which can stay on the store shelves.

#75 - Video Game Controllers

From D-pads and joysticks to triggers and nunchucks, we're talking the history of the video game controllers on this week's Up For Debate.  Plus, learn how you can win a special limited edition Up For Debate tote bag!

#74 - Super Bowl 51: A Comeback Story

On this Up For Debate, we recap the excitement that was Super Bowl 51!  Who's more to blame for the outcome: the Patriots or the Falcons?  Why were the commercials so sad?  Did Lady Gaga actually make a political statement or not?  All that plus we reveal the results of our Super Bowl prop bets!

#73 - And The Award Goes To...

On this Up For Debate, we discuss the ultimate & original awards show: the Academy Awards.  We share a history of the show, some neat fun facts and discuss this year's nominees.

#72 - Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets

On this episode of Up For Debate, we make our crazy prop bets for Super Bowl 51.  What color hoodie will Bill Belichick wear?  How many times will they say "deflategate"?  Will Payton Manning star in all of the commercials?  Plus we preview the play on the field and the Gaga halftime show.  Be sure to follow @UpForDebateTV on Twitter for live updates on the bets during the big game!