#113 - Collecting Your Thoughts

On this episode, we discuss the hobby that borders on hoarding: collecting! What do we collect? What are some of the more interesting collections out there? Given the resources, what would we like to collect? The answers to those questions and more on this Up For Debate!

#112 - Modern Conveniences

On this episode we discuss all the modern amenities that make life easy like electronic tolls, coffee pods, wireless headphones and more! Plus, we get sidetracked a lot and discuss french fries, the summer movie draft and mounds of other nonsense.

#111 - 2018 Summer Movie Draft

We've corralled 5 players/teams, given them each 100 fake dollars and asked them to bid against each other to assemble the best line up of movies released this summer.  Those with the highest box office total will walk away with the trophy.  Those who fall short leave empty handed.  Tune in to see how it all began on this draft episode.

Bonus #6 - Previewing the 2018 Summer Movie League

On this bonus episode of Up For Debate, we preview the upcoming 2018 Summer Movie League by taking you through the 30 films our players will be drafting. Which will be box office gold? Which will be box office bombs? Listen to this episode for the scoop, and join us next week for the official draft episode!

#110 - We Watched "Ready Player One"

We've read the somewhat crappy book...now we watched the slightly less crappy movie!  Join us as we recap and review everything from the visually interesting but artistically corrupt film "Ready Player One".